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Seedlings Education is a free home-based education support service for New Zealand children aged between 0-5 years. 
We are licensed by the Ministry of Education to provide a support system for your nanny, friend or family member to act as an in-home Educator to your children. 
We create individualised in-home learning pathways for children so they can grow and learn in at their own pace, in their own place.  With in-home education, children maintain their own routines, eat and sleep at their normal times.  Flexible programmes enable care-givers to create a more natural childhood experience in an environment that is safe and familiar.


Seedlings is more than a free service - we actually PAY YOU a subsidy for each child per enrolled hour, dependent on your child's age - up to $100 per child per week!  Click here to learn more about the subsidy.

Contact us today and give your child the best start in life and enrol them with Seedlings Education today.  

Benefits for Parents


A monthly subsidy paid to you per hour
per child (up to $100 per week)
Access to WINZ childcare subsidies
Optional Payroll service (fees apply)


Benefits for Children

Access to our free toy and book libraries & resource kits
Birthday gifts & free outings
Personalised learning path for each child’s age & stage

Benefits for Educators

Free First Aid training and
Professional Development
Monthly Prizes and incentives
Support visits from qualified 
ECE Teachers

The Education Review Office Says:



"Seedlings Coordinators model very good quality practices and develop warm relationships with children and educators. They share ideas to promote children’s learning. Coordinators help Educators to plan ways to support children to achieve learning goals. They provide families and educators with information and guidance through visit notes, emails and phone calls. Educators and families report that they value the knowledge and expertise of coordinators."


"Children's learning records show that they are well supported to develop their interests, strengths and preferences through everyday experiences. In many cases, Educators share the same cultural background as the children in their care. As a result, programmes are responsive to the cultures of children and their families. Educators prioritise the use of children's home languages. Coordinators tailor resources and support for specific cultural contexts."


"Children and educators have opportunities to attend regular outdoor excursions and organised playgroups and discovery days. Coordinators and Educators encourage and support children to experience different environments where they have opportunities to play with and learn alongside others. The service provides an extensive library of books and other resources to support and expand educators' in-home programmes. Feedback from educators and parents indicates that these resources are much appreciated and valued."



"Parents' input into the programme is actively sought. They are very positive about the education and care their children receive through the Seedlings service. Parents readily respond to requests to contribute ideas and suggestions for improvement."


Read the whole Education Review Office Evaluation here   

'A high level of educator enthusiasm 

encourages children’s independence & exploration'




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