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Resource Kit Library


This is a selection of some of the great resource kits you can borrow from our Resource Kit Library.  Resource Kits are a variety of themed resources such as puzzles, books, dress ups and art activities to extend a child's learning on their current interests or goal.  At each monthly visit by our Programme Coordinators, you'll be able to request and exchange new kits.

Resource Kit - Music Time #1

Resource Kit - Inside My Body #1

Resource Kit - Discovering China

Other kits available:

  • Discovering India

  • Discovering Japan

  • Fine Motor Skills # 1

  • Fine Motor Skills #2

  • Gross Motor Skils #1

  • Gross Motor Skills #2

  • Inside My Body #2

  • Under the Sea

  • Maori Kit #1

  • Maori Kit #2

  • Music Time #2

  • Space

  • The World of Animals #1

  • The World of Insects

  • The World of Dinosaurs

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