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Why choose Seedlings Education?


  • Low child to adult ratios means your child builds a mutual relationship with the Educator, which is particularly beneficial for ages 0-5 years.


  • Noisy environments increase the cortisol hormone levels in the child.  Your child will experience lower stress results, compared with centre-based care. 


  • We create an individualized learning path for each child.  This allows children to grow and learn at their own pace.


  • Educators & Nannies receive formal and informal professional development opportunities to ensure they provide the best care they can.


  • Your child can maintain their own routine i.e. eat and sleep at their normal times.


  • Your child will grow, learn and develop in an environment that is safe and familiar.


  • A flexible programme enables the Educator or Nanny to fit into your life, creating a more natural childhood experience including spontaneous walks, hanging out the washing, collecting the mail or baking a cake.


  • Organized playgroups and outings provide important and exciting social opportunities


  • The best of both worlds!  Your child can still attend another service i.e. kindergarten as well as enjoy the benefits of Home-based Education


  •  We will pay you a subsidy for every hour you have your child enrolled (maximum of 6 hours a day).


  • We have English and Tongan speaking PC's.


  • We provide free use of the online Child Portfolio software by Educa.

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